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Glass half…


“Dear friend,

I envy you so much, that you have this warm weather and this shinning sun during the whole year! It’s so unfair for us having more than half of the year with this coldest, or rainy or even snowy weather! And I really HATE when it’s cold! It’s the worst possible thing to ever happen to me! You see? Now I would like SO MUCH to be outside, sitting on the lawn and reading a good book, while the sunbeams gently caresses my face and warms my heart! How do I long for the sun! But it’s still the hateful winter time and I can’t, because not even the lawn is available after the snow!





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My only wish now is that this dreadful winter vanishes at once, so I can warmily welcome the sun, as if it was such as a loving relative coming to visit me, near whom I’d like to spend every minute until it’s time for him to go back again!

Oh! How I wish I was lucky as you are to have the opportunity of cherishing the sun every single day!

Warm regards from the cold north!”

“Hi there, pal!

The weather here is ok, thanks for asking. It’s not special though, you know? And I still prefer to read my books in my bedroom, like you, currently. The sun is always there, and it will always be. It’s just a kind of page marker for daytime. When it’s not there, it’s nighttime. And that’s all for me.

My relatives are ok. Actually, I’m visiting an aunt of mine next weekend. I’ll write you when I come back to tell you how it went there.

Greetings from the south!”

– And as soon as he noticed the lack of passion in his lucky friend, he came to realize that the winter had been so far wronged by him, for it was for the winter that he could fully appreciate the gifts from the summer sun. And from that moment on, he loved the sacrificing winter so dearly as did he love the joyful summer.




She was bitter. She came to realize how everything in her life was not at all in the way she had ever desired. And it was not only her personal life outcome that did not go accordingly to her own design; she was finding out – while digging into her memories – that every single wish she had was never completely fulfilled. There was always a but in her way. Always something prevented her from achieving what she wanted.

And she thought that God had abandoned her, that He decided never give her her entire share of what she believed she deserved. And she had really been a lovely and caring person her whole life! How could she never get what she dreamed? Not even one single tiny thing? Why those selfish friends of hers got the best jobs, the most handsome husbands and nice big suburb houses, while she, who’s always endeavoured to live her life caring about other people, did not have the life she planned to have as she was a college student? What did she do wrong? The choices, weren’t her efforts enough, what then?

She was bitter. And what upset her the most was that although nothing has ever gone the way she planned, her life couldn’t actually be better.



It had been a long time since when she left. Neither she could tell exactly what she was looking for, she just knew she had to go. No one gets anywhere when he’s not moving. And there she went.

Time can change many things; and she knew that, by the time she came back, maybe everything she knew would have changed so, that it would seem to her that that was a completely unknown place. A place with some slightly resemblance of somewhere she had once been to and that now lies only in her memories. And those are beyond time. It can never change them without one’s consentiment. And most of the time one only consents that the time adds some more memories, but never let it touch the dear, old ones.

She had lived far from home. She had had new experiences, some uplifting, some quite difficult. But the secret is that all passes. One must only be calm, keep trustingly treading one’s path and let the time do it’s job. And so she went on. Cherishing every good moment, facing every adversity. She may have cried sometimes at the beginning; she may have doubted. But now she had learned to smile, even at the tribulations. She has found peace and joy.

And she went back. And what she found was surprisingly the unswerving picture of that place she had once left behind. The trees were still of the same green, the white benches at the square were still there, as white as they had been when she was there. She encountered the very friends that lamented her departure and longed for her while they had been deprived of her presence. Their smiles were the same, their stories and the subjects they talked about hadn’t changed at all. Still, even though everything looked exactly the same, she found herself in that very picture she had thought before leaving. That, in which she was in a completely different place. But everything was still as before!

And then she realized that what had been left behind hasn’t changed a bit. No one gets anywhere when he’s not moving. And even though she had now returned, one day she did leave.

Tea and cookies


Sorry, mam! We’re out of coffee today. May I offer you some tea? I guarantee that it is a very good one indeed! All the way from India! Darjeeling, maybe? Or Delhi? Oh! Is any of these in Pakistan? I’m sorry, I don’t know much of Geography, you know? I only serve tea and cookies.

Oh! And that brings me to the fact that we don’t have bread, unfortunately. Not even a cold hard one. We only serve cookies. But they are really great too, I swear! They have these delicious chocolate chunks! Really good, you know? And we have jam too! All the berries you can imagine! Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, B&W-berry… Whichever berry you like, we have it! And they’re hand-made! My mom makes them! And they taste delicious when the cookies are still hot! We have hot cookies, though, you now mam? They’re not bread, but they are hot too! =) And the chocolate chunks actually melt when they’re hot like that! So, you could pretend the hot cookies are hot bread and that the melting chocolate is melting butter. I know it’ll taste different, but you can pretend that in that world, bread and butter just taste like that, you know?

And you can have some cardamom in your tea! It tastes really great with tea! And the tea is hot too! =) Just like coffee! And it’s black tea, you know. It’s got caffeine too! So, it’ll be just like as if you’re having coffee in the end! At least chemically speaking… Some scientists say we’re nothing more than a bunch of molecules (whatever these molecules are, anyway)… And caffeine is a molecule too, they say. So, if coffee has caffeine molecules and black tea has them too, in the molecule world coffee and black tea are just the same. =)

You know, with a bit of imagination, even the dark can look bright and shiny!

So, would you like some tea and cookies?