It had been a long time since when she left. Neither she could tell exactly what she was looking for, she just knew she had to go. No one gets anywhere when he’s not moving. And there she went.

Time can change many things; and she knew that, by the time she came back, maybe everything she knew would have changed so, that it would seem to her that that was a completely unknown place. A place with some slightly resemblance of somewhere she had once been to and that now lies only in her memories. And those are beyond time. It can never change them without one’s consentiment. And most of the time one only consents that the time adds some more memories, but never let it touch the dear, old ones.

She had lived far from home. She had had new experiences, some uplifting, some quite difficult. But the secret is that all passes. One must only be calm, keep trustingly treading one’s path and let the time do it’s job. And so she went on. Cherishing every good moment, facing every adversity. She may have cried sometimes at the beginning; she may have doubted. But now she had learned to smile, even at the tribulations. She has found peace and joy.

And she went back. And what she found was surprisingly the unswerving picture of that place she had once left behind. The trees were still of the same green, the white benches at the square were still there, as white as they had been when she was there. She encountered the very friends that lamented her departure and longed for her while they had been deprived of her presence. Their smiles were the same, their stories and the subjects they talked about hadn’t changed at all. Still, even though everything looked exactly the same, she found herself in that very picture she had thought before leaving. That, in which she was in a completely different place. But everything was still as before!

And then she realized that what had been left behind hasn’t changed a bit. No one gets anywhere when he’s not moving. And even though she had now returned, one day she did leave.


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