She was bitter. She came to realize how everything in her life was not at all in the way she had ever desired. And it was not only her personal life outcome that did not go accordingly to her own design; she was finding out – while digging into her memories – that every single wish she had was never completely fulfilled. There was always a but in her way. Always something prevented her from achieving what she wanted.

And she thought that God had abandoned her, that He decided never give her her entire share of what she believed she deserved. And she had really been a lovely and caring person her whole life! How could she never get what she dreamed? Not even one single tiny thing? Why those selfish friends of hers got the best jobs, the most handsome husbands and nice big suburb houses, while she, who’s always endeavoured to live her life caring about other people, did not have the life she planned to have as she was a college student? What did she do wrong? The choices, weren’t her efforts enough, what then?

She was bitter. And what upset her the most was that although nothing has ever gone the way she planned, her life couldn’t actually be better.


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