Glass half…

“Dear friend,

I envy you so much, that you have this warm weather and this shinning sun during the whole year! It’s so unfair for us having more than half of the year with this coldest, or rainy or even snowy weather! And I really HATE when it’s cold! It’s the worst possible thing to ever happen to me! You see? Now I would like SO MUCH to be outside, sitting on the lawn and reading a good book, while the sunbeams gently caresses my face and warms my heart! How do I long for the sun! But it’s still the hateful winter time and I can’t, because not even the lawn is available after the snow!





Photo by: Highton-Ridley -


My only wish now is that this dreadful winter vanishes at once, so I can warmily welcome the sun, as if it was such as a loving relative coming to visit me, near whom I’d like to spend every minute until it’s time for him to go back again!

Oh! How I wish I was lucky as you are to have the opportunity of cherishing the sun every single day!

Warm regards from the cold north!”

“Hi there, pal!

The weather here is ok, thanks for asking. It’s not special though, you know? And I still prefer to read my books in my bedroom, like you, currently. The sun is always there, and it will always be. It’s just a kind of page marker for daytime. When it’s not there, it’s nighttime. And that’s all for me.

My relatives are ok. Actually, I’m visiting an aunt of mine next weekend. I’ll write you when I come back to tell you how it went there.

Greetings from the south!”

– And as soon as he noticed the lack of passion in his lucky friend, he came to realize that the winter had been so far wronged by him, for it was for the winter that he could fully appreciate the gifts from the summer sun. And from that moment on, he loved the sacrificing winter so dearly as did he love the joyful summer.


2 Responses to “Glass half…”

  1. Highton-Ridley Says:

    It would have been polite to have credited me / for using the photo

    • Renato Guilarducci Says:

      I’m sorry. Please, accept my late acknowledgement though. I’ve changed the post to add you name to the picture.

      If you want, I can take it off the post.
      Really sorry, man! =/

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