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There he was, sitting at this restaurant’s table with his old days friends, back from when all of them were renowned engineers. Actually, except for himself, every person in that table was still a renowned and successful engineer. And he was tonight’s attraction. “The guy who freaked out”, most of them were probably thinking.


He had decided to quit his job some years before and find that which makes his heart pump gladly and joyfully. He decided to become a stone carver. And that was by then quite a revolution for most of his dearest ones, some of whom suddenly started to disdain from him and others who just vanished, as he had become unimportant. From scratch, he started to learn such craft, working in cafés or movie theaters to earn some money so he could keep attending the classes and making his own dignified living.

As he had learned in the past years, he had been noticing how one only question can have multiple meanings. “So, how are you doing, man?” Every one of them, with no exception, asked the same question, using the same words, but complete different meanings. He could feel that some of them were still sincerely worried about him, while others were only insincerely asking a nice question, intending to prove themselves superior, by hearing a sad story as an answer. Unimportantly what intention each one had, he would always answer them the truth, in the utmost kindness and love. “I am very well, thank you!”

They all ordered from the menu, as usual, whatever they pleased. A 500g T-bone steak for one of them, that fancy Mediterranean salad made with local ingredients but charged as if an Italian mama had herself grew such greenery to the sound of Verdi in the mountains of Sicily… Successful people should not be concerned about that. But he was. He should decide whether to have pasta and save money for next day’s lunch or have chicken and be short of money the rest of the week. Sometimes, it felt hard for him to let go of his past life style. All dreams are marvelous, but pursuing them can be really laborious. That’s why most of us don’t. But he was striving and persevering.

The feast had been served and the conversation overrode the strangeness of reencounter, and it was now flowing unrestrainedly. All the important and successful engineers talked about what important and successful engineers talk when they have dinner. They told about the hardships and displeasures of their lives, how they did not have time for themselves and their families and how stressed they were. They also talked about how they kept hoping for the weekend, that shiny beam of light in their lives when they could spend their small fortunes in all kinds of pleasures, so they could recover their energies for the next painful week.

He heard all of that, still immersed in his doubts and thoughts which were raised by his consciousness about his own decision’s hardships, which he had come to realize when he finally chose to have pasta. And he felt happy that he had to make that kind of choices. And he realized that he was actually lucky to have to make such choices. Amidst all those laments, he felt peace of mind and this feeling of utmost fulfillment and happiness. He was carving stone!