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Tea and cookies


Sorry, mam! We’re out of coffee today. May I offer you some tea? I guarantee that it is a very good one indeed! All the way from India! Darjeeling, maybe? Or Delhi? Oh! Is any of these in Pakistan? I’m sorry, I don’t know much of Geography, you know? I only serve tea and cookies.

Oh! And that brings me to the fact that we don’t have bread, unfortunately. Not even a cold hard one. We only serve cookies. But they are really great too, I swear! They have these delicious chocolate chunks! Really good, you know? And we have jam too! All the berries you can imagine! Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, B&W-berry… Whichever berry you like, we have it! And they’re hand-made! My mom makes them! And they taste delicious when the cookies are still hot! We have hot cookies, though, you now mam? They’re not bread, but they are hot too! =) And the chocolate chunks actually melt when they’re hot like that! So, you could pretend the hot cookies are hot bread and that the melting chocolate is melting butter. I know it’ll taste different, but you can pretend that in that world, bread and butter just taste like that, you know?

And you can have some cardamom in your tea! It tastes really great with tea! And the tea is hot too! =) Just like coffee! And it’s black tea, you know. It’s got caffeine too! So, it’ll be just like as if you’re having coffee in the end! At least chemically speaking… Some scientists say we’re nothing more than a bunch of molecules (whatever these molecules are, anyway)… And caffeine is a molecule too, they say. So, if coffee has caffeine molecules and black tea has them too, in the molecule world coffee and black tea are just the same. =)

You know, with a bit of imagination, even the dark can look bright and shiny!

So, would you like some tea and cookies?